Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Age of the Corporate Identity Crisis

The Automobile Association wants to sell me life insurance and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote a letter to their General Manager.

My bank wants me to be a member of their rewards program where I can get a ridiculous dribble of benefits while they charge me a $10 fee every six months.

With my bank statement - a plea for donations to a charity.

Another bank statement - a plea for donations to a different charity.

My power company wants me to join their movie club and inundates me with advertising material enclosed with my monthly bill.

The supermarket insists on giving me vouchers for petrol discounts when I buy my groceries.

After I refuel my car and attempt to pay, the guy behind the counter urges me to select an item from the shop to take advantage of a special discount.

There are people waiting impatiently in the queue behind me.  I don't understand what you're saying.  I don't want a fucking chocolate bar.  I just want to pay for my petrol and leave.

I have seriously had enough of the companies I deal with inflicting their public identity crises on me.

Once these companies finish fighting with each other to retain customers or acquire new ones by pushing things we didn't ask for, we'll be gone.

And then so will they.